Sugar Flowers Masterclass

Mythical Creatures Modelling Class

This Mythical Creatures Modelling Class is all about learning the art of making sugar figures.  You’ll learn the techniques you need to be able to create these figures, and be able to use the skills you’ve learned as a basis for many other figures too.  This class is suitable for complete beginners to sugar modelling.

During this class you will learn to:

  • Handle, colour and use modelling paste (and the difference between this and flower paste/sugarpaste etc)
  • Create shapes that can be used as the basis for all sorts of other figures
  • Support your models correctly
  • Get your proportions right when modelling figures
  • Create finishing details that make your models look perfect

You will leave the class with your cheeky unicorn and dragon, which will keep for weeks should you plan to use them on a cake, or as long as you wish if you just want to display them for all to see.  All equipment needed for the class will be provided for you.

Class Dates

There are no bookable dates at this time

Call 0118 9117 917