Christmas Cookie Class

Valentine’s Cookie Class

In this evening Valentine’s Cookie Class you will create a charming set of iced cookies to share within your special someone. Ideal as a short introductory class to cookie decorating for the beginner or enthusiastic baker, all the preparation will be done for you so you can dive straight into decorating, right from the start of the class.

During this class you will learn how to:

  • outline and flood your cookies professionally
  • create stunning effects using techniques such as simple over-piping and wet-on-wet techniques
  • pipe borders, writing and other finishes

As this is a short evening glass, everything you need will be provided and ready for you, including piping bags and squeezy bottles filled with the correct consistency of royal icing.  While we are decorating, we will talk about these consistencies and you can also ask any questions you like about baking the perfect cookie. Guidance notes will be provided by email after the class so that you will have all the information you need to recreate these beautiful iced cookies again at home.

You will leave the class with a set of beautiful cookies in a box, ready to give as the perfect gift.

Valentine's Cookie Class

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