She believed she could, so she did.

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

4 years ago today, I finally decided to be the girl to go for it, and to set up the cake decorating class business I’d been thinking of for so long. New Year seems to be a time for new beginnings, and plans, and actions and I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

How many of you reading are thinking that 2018 might be the time to ditch the day job and set up your own business? Maybe to start cake decorating professionally rather than just as a hobby or for family and friends? If so, GO FOR IT! One brilliant thing about cake decorating businesses is that you can do it alongside a day job, or alongside being a Mum, which so many businesses wouldn’t allow you to do. And despite there being so many cake decorating businesses out there, if you’re good enough, I think you’ll always do well.

I have never regretted my decision for one moment, I still love every moment of it and The Cake College is well and truly ‘my baby’. I won’t deny that you need large brave pants to give it a go, and that it can be much harder work than being an employee (not least the fact that it’s solely down to you), but there’s something so satisfying about being in charge of your own work and making decisions for your own business.

So if you’ve been contemplating it for a while, and writing the odd list, or jotting down notes, let this year be the year you go for it. Take a deep breath, and start planning.  When I set up The Cake College, I made myself do one thing a day from my huge to do list, so that it didn’t ever get too overwhelming. Some things only took 5 minutes (register the domain name, decide on a website colour scheme, set up an email account, etc) and others took much longer (buying supplies, class prep, website wording etc), but if I broke it down in to bite sized chunks it never got too scary. Some things were easier than I’d expected (I never thought I’d get so lucky and find my brilliant tutors so quickly), others took longer (deciding on a logo……who knew it would be so tough?!?). But within a few months, I had a business ready to launch, partly down to hard work and largely down to luck.

I also have new beginnings planned for 2018, hopefully The Cake College will be branching out into online tutorials, a shop for students so that they can take the equipment they’ve just used in their class away with them, and even new premises. Much as I’ve loved hosting classes in my kitchen, the business has started to outgrow it and so I’m on the hunt for somewhere new (and on that note, if any of you know of any character premises with big open plan space and plenty of parking in the Wokingham area, do please let me know…… seems it’s a bit of a tricky thing to find).

Let’s hope that 2018 brings all of us something wonderful, and for anybody brave enough to take that leap and start their own small business,  I wish you the very best of luck.

Happy New Year,

Lucy. x

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