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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Here is another blog post on one of our classes, to give you a more in depth look at what you can learn. I know that it’s often hard to get a full picture when you’ve only got a short description on the website, and a photo of cakes made by one of our tutors (Natalie in this case). So every so often, I’ll tell you more more about a particular class, and show you lots of photos of the class in action as well as cakes from former students so that you can see the kind of thing you can learn to make and take away at the end of the day.

This post is about our Flowers & Swirls Cupcake Class. This class has been established since the beginning of The Cake College way back in 2014 and it’s one of our most popular classes. It’s a great class to start with, as it teaches you the basics and you end up with 12 gorgeous cupcakes to take home, as well as lots of fabulous new skills. Natalie is amazing at cupcakes (just check out pictures on her website) and can answer any questions you throw at her during the class too.

The class starts with the trickiest bit – choosing your colour scheme! Some people choose pastels, some people choose bright tropical colours, but whatever you choose, the cupcakes always look fabulous. The morning is spent chatting, drinking tea/coffee/anything else (you want a decaf something, or a green/mint/fruit tea……we’ve got it) and making some really pretty sugar flowers. You’ll use a selection of cutters and also learn to make some simple flowers with just your hands, so you don’t have to spend lots of money on new tools to recreate the cupcakes at home. Added to all of that, the morning will cover lots of the basics so that you’ll have a good knowledge of the tools and techniques at the end of the day.

Then after a lunch break, it’s time for a bit more work on your flowers. This is the really fun part where we get out the pearls, lustre dusts, non-pareils (nope, we’ve no idea why they’re called that either, we tend to go with ‘tiny sprinkles’) and you can finish your flowers off so they look perfect.

Next we head to the island, where you’ll make your buttercream, learning the perfect ratio of butter to icing sugar, and mixing so you get to know how the perfect consistency for piping should feel when you make it at home. The cupcakes are all baked for the class by Natalie, and don’t forget that if you need gluten free/vegan/egg free cupcakes we can usually accommodate that with a bit of notice. You’ll also get the recipe as part of your class notes, and Natalie will talk you through making them as well and answer any questions (including the question we get in every single class ‘how do you get them so flat?!’).

You’ll now learn 4 different piping techniques using just two different nozzles, each technique you’ll do on three cupcakes, so you have a few tries to perfect it. My personal favourite is the rose swirl, but they all look great as you can see below. If you want to see more photos of cakes from our classes, do take a look at our Facebook or Instagram pages, where there are lots for you to see.

And that’s it! A fun and relaxed day learning how to make these stunning cupcakes, before taking all 12 of them home to enjoy with friends and family. And even better, you get to walk away and leave me to do the clearing up.

If you are a beginner to cake decorating or would just like to improve your piping techniques, then this is the class for you. Have a look at our website for available dates and come and join us!  Hope to see you at a class soon.

Happy baking and caking everyone,

Lucy. x

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